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!!! News !!! :)))

  Časopis Pes přítel člověka - Americká akita

**** Champion of Champions 2009 ****


!!! Ike won titles BOB & BIG5 !!! :)))

! INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW Trenčín, SK, 23.1. 2010 !


Ike won titles: V1, CAJC, BOB, I. BIS !!! :)))

World Dog Show ’09 from Bratislava

Slovak Republic, Europe

Club Show ’09 from Bratislava

10. 8.- 11. 2009

Ike placed 4th out of 18 dogs in the Junior class at the World Show,
and placed amazing 1st out of 9 candidates at the Club Show where he defeated even a junior winner of the World Show!

Mitchell placed 3rd out of 9 in the Puppy class at the World Show
and placed 2nd out of 4 at the Club Show :)))

Thank you Mrs. Jirine Kruzikove and Miss.Sarce Hajkove for excellent handing!!! :)

  Ike   Myška

We are very happy with the success of Ike & Mitchell!
You can find out more about their assessments on their pages. :)))



Ike won titles: V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, III. BIG :)))

INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW and Club Show AA Prague 11.7.- 8. 2009


Ike won on International dog show titles: V1, CAJC & BOB, res.BIG! :))
Puppy from our kennel Arron Imperiál Pearl River won Club Puppy winner :))
He placed 1st out of 7 in the Puppy class on Club Show, Prague :)

*** PEARL RIVER *** :)))

  American akitas Kentucky Gimi Ike
Kentucky, Gimi, Ike and me
      Welcome to these web pages  dedicated to American Akitas. 
Our first Akita, obtained in 1994, came from the breed of Hana 
Blatoňová  who is an advisor for  breeding of American  Akitas 
in Czech  Republic. His name was Cedrik  Imperial  Jakobin CS. 
We would call him  “Sandy”  and thanks to him we found  Akitas 
fascinating. Back then, these dogs were exc standard (for more 
details see the section  “STANDARD”). So it wasn’t until Sandy 
was 8 years old to meet the criteria for contests.  Within one 
year he  became a champion. Throughout his  whole life  he was 
a great  friend not only  with  people but also other  animals. 
He would  accompany  me almost  everywhere: together we sailed 
many  rivers  and  climbed  many  mountains. He liked  to pull, 
enjoyed  caniscross (type of race  where the leashed dog pulls
and thus  supports the runner), and  helped  carry his load as 
well as mine. 

      Out of a litter with  Polish female Ch. Jowa Jasmin came
his daughter Gimini (“Gimi”). The latest addition to our Akita 
family  is  Alchemist  Dream  Kentucky  Pearl  (“Kentucky”  or 
“Kenty”). We  brought her  directly from  the Alchemist Akitas 
breeding station in  Lexington, KY, Torazo's Pearl Ike Warrior
(“Ike”)  and  Torazo's  Fyreproof  Pearl Mitchell from  Torazo
Akitas  breeding  station  in Shelbyville, Kentucky too.
You can get better acquainted  with our dogs on their specific

Take care and we wish you a lovely day… Markéta Klusková and Josef Vanek

Contact: e-mail:, Phone: +1 773 406 6575 +420 776 032 261

!!!The Gimi’s Litter is here!!! :)
May 28, 2009


Arlie, Argon, Archie, Arron


... :)



  PF 2010

 Pearl River american akitas

February 11, 2010 updates