American akitas Kentucky Gimi Ike
Kentucky, Gimi, Ike and me
      Welcome to our website of the breeding kennel PEARL RIVER,
which  is  dedicated  to  the American  Akita  breed and to our 
incredible Alaskan malamute. 

      We have  worked  with the  American Akita  breed for more 
than 16 years.  We  acquired  our  first Akita in 1994 from the 
breeder  Ing. Hana Blatonova, a  consultant  for  the  American 
Akita breed.  His name was  Cedrik Imperial Jakobin CS.  For us, 
he was Sandy, and thanks to him we fell in love with the Akita.
At the time,  the American Akita  not  acknowledged as an Akita 
breed, because it did not meet new  standards (you can learn in 
more detail on our webpage STANDARD)  and so we couldn’t attend 
dog shows until Sandy was 8 years of age; an age when most show 
dogs run in  the veteran class.  At his age, he won among young 
dogs.  After a short time span, he became a champion. His whole
life, he  was a great  companion, not  just for people, but for 
all  animals, as  shown by  photos in  the  photo  album. Sandy 
accompanied  me on  most of  my  nature outings, and to work as 
well.  We ran many rivers together  and  climbed many mountains.  
He liked to pull.  He liked to canicross, and he  helped  carry, 
not  only his stuff, but even mine when it was  needed.  He was 
a part of my life, and taught me a lot.

      From the litter, with  Polish  female Ch. Jowa Jasmin, we 
kept Gimini, for us Gimi.  Then we  expanded our  Akita  family 
with  female  Alchemist  Dream Kentucky Pearl.  For us she  was 
Kentucky, Kenty for  short. I brought her to the Czech Republic
from my long stay in the United States , directly from  breeder 
Alchemist Akitas from  Kentucky.  Next in our family  expansion 
was  Torazo’s  Pearl  Ike  Warrior, called  Ike,  from  breeder 
Torazo’s  Akita, also  from Kentucky.  And  finally, our latest 
addition  to our  pack is  Torazo’s  FyreProof  Pearl Mitchell, 
nicknamed Miska, also  from Torazo’s Akita  like Ike.  We would 
like to thank Gabriele Lynch from  Kentucky , for  her help and 
unending kindness.  You may  become more  acquainted with these 
dogs on our website.  

      Our  dogs are  a part of  our family.  None  of them have 
ever met a life in a cage.  They are fed with super premium and
ultra premium feed. 

      I am a zoologist  and ethologic  graduate, specialized in 
wolves  and  other  canines. I  have  spent a lot of time of my 
life  with the  observation of  wolves and other canines, since 
childhood  (I  had a  German  Shepard  at age  7) and  years of 
experience with the Akita, which taught me that it is essential
to respect these dogs for their complex and strong characteris-
tics. I have  encountered  many  American  Akitas, and each was 
characteristically completely different. They do, however, have
in common  their  individualistic  thinking and decision-making. 
It is very hard to  understand them, but once you  succeed, you 
will never want a different dog… :) 

Take care and we wish you a lovely day… Markéta Klusková and Josef Vanek

Contact: e-mail: pepevanek@yahoo.com, mkluskova@yahoo.com Phone: +1 773 406 6575 +420 776 032 261

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