Dessi and Lucky

We would like to share our experiences of our everyday life with you on this page :)

You usually know us only from dog shows, which only take up a fracture of our lives; however, our daily lives, when we are not in the show ring, are filled with adventures, get-togethers , trips and visits...ect... :)


From Seč forest :)))

IkeKenty, Ike and Lucky

Kenty, Ike and Lucky Ike and Lucky


Jesenik mountains :)))

Lucky, YukonLucky, Yukon

Lucky a YukonYukonek


The cottage in the mountains :)))

Lucky, Yukon

December on the tops of the Drahanske moutains :)))

Kenty a IkeIke and Lucky


In the garden :)))

Ike, Dessi, Gimi, LuckyLucky, Dessi, Gimi a Ike

Lucky, Dessi, Gimi a IkeLucky, Dessi, Gimi a Ike


In the woods near Konice :)))

Kenty a IkeIke a Lucky

Kenty, Ike a LuckyKenty, Lucky s Ike


Ike in the woods :)))



On a visit of Ike 's daughter Sunny in Beskydy. :)))

U SannyU Sunny

Ike and Sunny


Ike with our new cat MICI :)))

Ike a kočkaIke and cat


Now I can sleep peacefully ,when Kenty is guarding me :)))

Kenty and cat


In the woods near Ptenský Dvorek :)))

Lucky, Dessi a IkeDessi, lucky a Ike


ON the tops of the Drahanske moutains :)))

Lucky, Dessi a Ike


The tramp meeting in Medenice :)))


Ike a Miška



Yukon and Miska at the gathering of Wondering Birds. :)))

Miska and Yukon Yukon and Miska


Akita walk in the zoo :)))

Miška a Yukon

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