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  American akitas Kentucky Gimi Ike
Kentucky, Gimi, Ike and me
Welcome to our breeding kennel PEARL RIVER, devoted to American Akitas
and one amazing Alaskan malamute.
American akitas  have been a constant  companion  through our lives for 
over 19 years.  In 1994 when  we bought our  first American Akita from 
the breeding kennel of Ing. Blatoňová,  official advisor  for breeding 
American Akitas. His full name was Cedrik Imperial  Jacobins CS. For 
us, however, he was simply  Sandy  and  through him we fell in love with 
Akitas ... :)

That was a long  time ago.  American Akita  was  excluded  from breeding 
at the time since its parameters  did not  meet the  then new  standard 
of what is now a  separate breed  “Akita Inu“. (You can  find  more 
information  about  the history  of the breed  and  the  current standard 
in the section „What are Akitas?“)

In 1999  the American  type  of  Akitas  was officially recognised and we 
were overjoyed. 
FCI split the the breed  into  Akita Inu  and  the Great  Japanese  Dog – 
which was  where we fitted  in with  our Sandy.  It was a great and long 
awaited turning  point we  had been  waiting  for for many years. With Sandy 
we started  attending  shows  in his 8th year (disregarding shows we had 
attended  together with  Akitas Inu and  because  of Sandy‘s black mask we 
could not make the A grade...)  In spite  of his age  he usually won the 
sympathy of judges and often defeated  much  younger  dogs.  Within a short 
time he won the title Czech National Champion.

In 2006 the Great Japanese Dog was renamed American Akita. As a result, 
our Sandy, having been born as Akita Inu, spent much of his life as 
a Great Japanese Dog, before becoming American Akita. And he wasn’t even 
trying . 

Throughout his life he remained an excellent friend to all humans and 
animals alike. He accompanied me almost everywhere on my trips into 
nature’s womb, as well as to work. We canooed down many rivers and 
climbed many mountains. He enjoyed pulling in a harness, he liked 
caniscross and when necessary, he would carry not only his own belongings, 
but helped out with mine, too! He was an integral part of my life, my 
second self. And although he has long joined the heavenly packs, he is 
still with us and we remember him through his great-grandchildren which 
make him proud. 

In 2002 he produced puppies through a Polish female Ch Jowa Jasmin and we 
brought home his daughter Gimini (Gimi for us) who is still with us and 
enjoys good health, in spite of her advanced years. Over the following 
years our akita family has been enriched by the beautiful lady Alchemist 
Dream Kentucky Pearl (a.k.a. "Kenty") whom has returned with me from my 
long stay in the USA directly from the breeding kennel Alchemist Akitas 
in Kentucky. Next new entrant is "Ike" who goes by the full name Torazo's 
Pearl Warrior Ike, a beautiful dog from the breeding kennel Torazo Akitas 
also from Kentucky. And then there is the female silver wolf "Mitchell", 
or Torazo's FyreProof Pearl Mitchell (lovingly called "Mishka") from 
the same breeding kennel as Ike. We are very grateful to Mrs. Gabriele 
from the Kentucky kennel for giving us such dogs and for her constant 
willingness to offer valuable help and advice. 

The latest addition to our akita family of Akita are our breeding kennel‘s 
own puppies from Ike and Gimi: girls Dessi and Lucky; and from Kenty 
the boy Cappy and the girl Krysty. Some of these puppies are co-owned 
with other breeders. Krysty lives in the breeding kennel "Pibaro". Our 
kennel also now has a true English gentleman in the form of "Roy" Meihe 
SECRET ROYAL PEARL of England, co-owned with the breeding kennel Lucy's 
Secret; and the female Shany from Poland. More information about these 
dogs are available from their respecitve web pages.

As we believe in an individual approach to all our dogs, they live 
individually in our family and closest family friends. The most akitas 
that are together are three, otherwise they stay in singles and couples. 
Each has freedom of movement between the house and the garden. None is 
kept long term in a dog-kennel. 

Our dogs are an integral part of our families and accompany us almost 
everywhere on our ways. We teach them caniscrooss, pulling in harness 
and wearing a backpack. Exhibitions we attend are a wonderful diversification. 
We are always happy when our dogs succeed, but in no way do the results 
affect the relationship between us and our dogs. Even when sometimes our 
dogs are not successful, they have a wonderful nature and personality 
that we would not want to take away from them. Good health and good nature 
are the most important factors for our breeding.

I personally am a graduate zoologist and ethologist specialising in wolves 
and other canidae. I spent great chunks of my life observing wolves and 
other canids in their natural environment. I have been living with dogs 
since early childhood. I got my first dog (German Shepherd) at the age of 
7 and since then dogs have been accompanying me incessantly. In my university 
studies I specialised in ethology and ecology of wolves and other canine 
beasts, and wrote my thesis on the same topic.

Years of living with Akitas have taught me that these dogs have an enormous 
personality in them, and heaps of love and devotion. I got to know many many 
American Akitas and each was completely individual in nature; but they all 
share independence in thinking, decision making and great loyalty...

If you let them, they will very quickly win your heart and become easily a part 
of your family ... :)

Thank you for visiting my website, for reading thus far and have great day ...

Markéta Klusková and Josef Vanek

Contact: e-mail: pepevanek@yahoo.com, mkluskova@seznam.cz pearlriverakitas@yahoo.com Phone: +1 773 406 6575 +420 776 032 261

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